Proficiency Test Products

Cliniqa Corporation manufactures proficiency testing materials for some of the world’s largest proficiency program providers. Products are manufactured and packaged to the provider’s specifications. Services offered encompass bulk packaging and shipping as well as program participant fulfillment.




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Current programs include:


  • Ammonia/Alcohol
  • Body Fluid/CSF Cell Count
  • Cardiac Markers (EDTA Plasma)
  • Cardiac Markers (Hep. Plasma)
  • Chemistry, Endocrinology, Therapeutic Drugs
  • Chemistry, Waived
  • Coagulation (ACT, PT)
  • Fecal Occult Blood
  • Fructosamine
  • Gastric Occult Blood
  • Glycohemoglobin
  • hCG, Serum
  • Immunoproteins
  • Ketones, Serum
  • Ligand Chemistry
  • Microalbumin
  • Neonatal (Elevated) Bilirubin
  • PSA Calibration Verification/Linearity
  • Qualitative Urine hCG
  • RBC Folate
  • Rapid Urease
  • Serum Myoglobin Calibration Verification/Linearity
  • Special Chemistry (CS)
  • Urinalysis & hCG
  • Urine Chemistry (CU)
  • Urine Myoglobin
  • Vitamin D